How To Use SEMRush Backlink Analytics In 2021?

You need to know how to use SEMRush backlink analytics. Therefore, you will be able to get the highest benefit from it. In this article, I will try to explain everything for beginners.

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SEMRush is a popular search engine marketing tool. You can use it to get an idea about keywords and backlinks. Therefore, you will be able to make a to-do list to rank higher on search engines.

semrush backlink analytics

Does SEMRUSH Show TF and CF?

TF and CF are two SEO metrics introduced by Majestic. Majestic is another SEO tool. You may hear about PA and DA. It was introduced by Moz. In this article, I will try to give you a basic idea about these things.

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Popular Search Engine Metrics

Firstly, Google does not disclose its ranking process. There are many bloggers, online tools, and search engine marketers who usually do research on everything related to ranking a keyword on the search engines. So, there are some of the most popular metrics-

Moz Metrics:

PA- Page Authority. It shows the authority of a particular page

DA- Domain Authority. It indicates the authority of the whole website

Majestic Metrics-

CF-Citation Flow. It shows the flow of backlinks over time

TF- Trust Flow. It shows the flow of quality backlinks

Ahref Metrics:

DR- Domain Rating. It is similar to DA by Moz

UR- URL Rating. It is similar to PA by Moz

SEMRush Metrics:

It also shows authority scores for the website and its pages. You can increase the authority score by improving the content and the backlinks of your website. The question is does SEMRush shows anything like majestic, I mean CF and TF.

The answer is partial Yes, SEMRush does not have exactly similar metrics. So, you can get a deep analysis of backlinks from majestic. But SEMRush can provide you better keyword analysis and overall backlink analysis as well. Therefore,  you will be able to use low competition keywords.

The best alternative to CF, TF by Majestic can be the SEMRush backlink analytics. It is highly effective for analyzing the quality of the backlinks. It actually shows the overall backlink profile, not just the flow of links.

Here are some of the important metrics shown by SEMRush backlink analytics(Page score and Trust Score are similar metrics to CF and TF)-

Page Score– The scoring depends on the number of inbound links

Trust Score– This is the score based on the authority of inbound links

Others Metrics:

Anchor text, external links, internal links, type of links, first seen, last seen, and disavow. So, you can get an overall idea by using this tool. Therefore, you will be able to rank any web page by improving the page score and trust score.

Competitor Analysis: You also can analyze the competitor’s webpage. Therefore, you will be able to get the details. Then your job is to create a better backlink profile than your competitor. At the same time, you need to make sure that your content is better than your competitors.

Otherwise, you may lose the ranking in the long run. Google always considers the quality of the content. All these backlink profiles are applicable if your content is not extremely bad. If you and your competitors have content with similar quality, then domain authority and page authority come into account.

free semrush toolCan I Get Anything Free From SEMRush?

Yes, you can. SEMRush provides 10 analysis free per day, SEMRush backlinks analytics too. In addition, you can use the tool-free during the trial period. After that, you may cancel the plan. Most probably SEMRush plan starts from $119.95.

You can use Google SEO Tools or, Bing SEO Tools for free. I really love the new bing tools. It comes up with some of the great features. So, you can enjoy the free things easily. For a small website, free tools are enough to rank better on Google. But if you want to try something professional, you can subscribe to a paid plan. SEMRush is really worth it.

SEMRush Website Analytics

It shows two types of analytics- traffic analytics and domain analytics. Both of them can get an idea about the website. To get the keywords and traffic, you can use domain analytics.

On the other hand, traffic analytics shows a detailed overview. You can get the traffic source other than search engines. You also can check the traffic breakdown as well. Therefore, it will be easier for you to make future decisions for the growth of your website.

Google Analytics Vs SEMRush Analytics

These are not competitors. Google Analytics is the best tool for analytics without any doubt. You can use it along with the SEMRush. Because it shows the analytics of the traffic of your website. On the other hand. SEMRush is a competitive tool. You can use SEMRush backlink analytics to know your competitor’s strength.

So, you can use SEMRush to do better than your competitors. You can analyze your website and also your competitor’s website to get the best result from it. If you see your competitor is getting more traffic from Facebook or, Pinterest. You also can use a similar strategy to get more traffic from social media.



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