Best Outbound Link Checker Tools [2022 Update]

Outbound link checker tools can help you to boost up SEO of your website. If you give links back to spammy sites, it will affect SEO. And if you link back to the relevant authority site, it will help you.

We need to check the dead or, broken links as well. The broken links can impact the ranking of your site. You need to remove it. The outbound link checker tools can help you to do that.

List Of Outbount Link Checker Tools

Here is a list of the 5 best tools you can use to check outbound links and broken links-

  • Ahref Brokern Link Checker
  • W3C Link Checker
  • Visiospark Internal & External Link Checker
  • SmallSEotools Link Analyzer
  • Duplichecker External Links

These tools are extremely helpful for big websites. It will find out all the dead links. You can optimize the dead links in two ways. Both the strategies are effective.

Firstly, you can create pages on those URLs. Probably, you already have the pages indexed on Google. So, it is easier for you to bring visitors to your site by creating relevant and helpful content.

Secondly, you can redirect the broken links to relevant pages. The redirection is effective if you already created some wonderful pages that cover the same topic. Then Google will redirect the link juice to the existing page.

Find & Fix Dead Links Using These Tools

No matter what tools you are using. The thing that matters most is the strategy you are applying to fix the broken links. As we said earlier, you have to redirect or, create pages on those links.

However, we did our own analysis on similar SEO tools. And find out the five most effective outbound links checker tools-

1. Ahref Broken Link Checker

We all know that Ahref is not a free tool to do SEO. But you can use some of the Ahref features for free. Ahref broken link checker is one of them. The tool is extremely helpful

  • It will show you all the links with 404 not found page
  • You can schedule the new discovery of broken links
  • This tool will also help you to find the redirected links
  • It has export feature. So, you can export to CSV file
  • They update the data regularly

Try Ahref Broken link Checker

2. W3C Link Checker

The tool is very effective to find out the inbound and outbound links. You also can use the tool to revise the link architecture of your websites. Here are some of the features of the tool-

  • Find all the inbound and Outbound Links On The Site
  • It shows the redirected links
  • W3C link checker also shows the anchor text
  • The tool allows som effective filter options
  • Optimize the link on your full website

Try W3C Link Checker

3. Visiospark Internal & External Link Checker

The tool comes up with several options and a guideline to use the tool. Sometimes, new users found it difficult to use the tool. The features are very clear. And obviously, it is another effective tool-

  • Outbound Links With Anchor Text
  • It Shows no follow and do follow types of links
  • Shows Summerry Of all the links
  • Allows the users to export all the data
  • You can simply put your domain and press the go button to get all these

Try Visiopark Internal, External Link Checker

4. SmallSEotools Link Analyzer

SmallSEO tool is a popular go-to tool for bloggers. You can simply enter the URL on the tool and get all the data about internal and outbound links on your site. Here are some of the features-

  • You can choose what type of links your are looking for- Internal Or, Outbound Or, both
  • It shows all the links on a particular page
  • No follow and do follow data is also available on the tool
  • It shows the anchor type and the anchor text
  • It shows a summerry of total number of links

Try Smallseotools Website Link Analyzer Tool

5. Duplichecker External Links

The name tells about the essence of the tool. The main Duplichecker tool is popular as a plagiarism checker. But they have a wonderful outbound lick checker tool as well. Here are some of the features-

  • You can choose external or, internal links from the tool
  • To see the no follow links you have to select the option
  • It shows a summery with colorful chart
  • Very effective for quick result
  • A good overview of the internal, external, do follow and nofollow links

Duplichecker Link Analyzer Tool

Questions & Answers

How can I check if a link is safe?

You can try Google safe browsing to check whether a link is safe or, not. Google finds out thousands of malicious websites every day. And the tool is very effective to find a safe link.

How do I find out how many links a website has?

You can try some tools to find how many links a website has. There is plenty of link checker and analyzer tools. Ahref, W3 link checker, Smallseotools are some of the free tools.

Which command is used to get all the links present on the page?

Probably a discussion on Tutorialspoint can help you to find out the best command you can use to get all the links present on a page. Or, you can read this article. We have discussed five free tools.

How can I get a list of all the pages on a website?

You can use tools like screaming frog to find a list of all pages on a website. Otherwise, you can use some SEO audit tools to find out all the links on a site. It will help you to identify the pages.

What is the best link checker?

I can tell you about a few good link checker tools. Some of the most effective tools are Ahref, SEMrush, Majestic, Moz, etc. You may find any of them as the best one for you.

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