Does Keywords With Low Competition Really Rank Better?

Keywords with low competition obviously rank better if it is really untapped. A keyword research tool will never be able to tell you about the search intent perfectly. Sometimes a keyword with keyword difficulty 5 or, 15 may not rank better.

You will get a lot of articles on the websites of searchenginejournal, ahrefs, Alexa, SEMrush, and other keyword research tools. They will tell you that low competition and long-tail keywords will rank better. I have tried and failed to rank those keywords many times.

Q1. What is low competition keywords?

Low-competition keywords is a popular term used by keyword research tools. It indicates those keywords which are easy to rank on search engines. Usually, the difficulty to rank is calculated from 1 to 100. The lower the difficulty, the lower the competition.

Still, Keyword Research Tool Is Effective

You have to keep in mind, Google has the final say, not keyword tools. The AI of Google is very powerful. So, if you search for anything related to a particular topic, it will show you the most effective result, not the most exact one.

Of course, relevancy is one of the most effective ranking factors. And Google does care about an exact match. All the keyword research tools will show you the search volume of exact match keywords. They will not use strong AI as Google does. Here are 3 essential things-

1. Focus More On Search Intent

If you search for “best restaurants in Los Angeles”, Google will show you either the website of a restaurant, directory listing or, articles that reviews a number of restaurants in Los Angeles.

If you search for “best restaurants in Los Angeles Yelp”. Ahref shows the keyword difficulty is 4. It seems very easy to rank for the keywords. But you will never be able to do that. Because searchers want results particularly from Yelp. Google will show all the results from Yelp. 

2. Untapped Topic is More Important Than Unused Words

Google shows results relevant to search intent, not according to exact search terms. So, if you use some words that are not used. But there are many articles from high authority websites about the topic. You will definitely win the race.

The untapped topic works better than unused words. There are many things that no one reveals yet. You can get a good ranking writing articles on those things. Of course it should seems helpful to your audience.

3. Depend More On Intuition

Of course, you should check the number of searches and the number of clicks from searchers. The SEO tools will help you to get an idea about the exact search term and the search volume.

In addition, they will show you related search terms and their search volume as well. But you need to depend on your own intuition. Sometimes keyword tools will show you this keyword has 0 search volume which is wrong. But Google AI will show the result for high-volume terms using artificial intelligence.

So, focus more on topic, not the exact search term. Google will take care of the rest if your site really has some great content. After reaching the visitors, bounce rate and view duration are the most effective ranking factors, nothing else.

Low Competition Keywords List

I can show you a huge list of keywords. If you did not read the article from the beginning, I insist you- read it. These keywords will not help you to bring a large number of traffics unless you understand the key idea.

You need to focus more on the topic behind the exact search term. Google shows every word in an article if it is really very helpful for the readers.

The use of keywords on a certain number of time is not much helpful after reaching the audience. Here is the list of keywords you are looking for (these are just a random example, you need specific list of keywords for long term success on any niche)-

Health Niche

These are some of the keywords that are easy to rank and it has high search volume according to keyword research tool. You need to know some basics before using these keywordsstuffing stemming, prominence and proximity.

  • hum nutrition reviews
  • boost oxygen review
  • pull ups proper form
  • home workout routine for beginners
  • body weight workout for beginners

Technology Niche

It does not mean that you will be able to get a good amount of traffic by creating articles on exactly these topic. You need to know how to rank keywords without backlinks.

  • apple music how much
  • how to scan spotify codes
  • tinder see who likes you
  • reddit deleted comments
  • how to get tinder gold for free

Relationship & Dating

You can not rank higher by simple using the keywords on a certain number of time. But there are some research on keyword density formula.

  • when a guy says he doesn t want to lose you
  • when your husband says he doesn t know what he wants
  • positive affirmations for couples
  • why did my ex come back and leave again
  • inconsistent relationship meaning


These are keywords from Google search. And the target country is the United States. You also can try Bing keyword research tool to explore more keywords for Bing and Yahoo search engines.

  • msnbc kobe slip
  • siena heights football
  • bluffton university football
  • best spin rod
  • best fishing inflatable kayak


I have used ubersuggest to find out the keywords. There are other research tools as well. I guess Longtailpro and SEMrush are more effective. You can see the comparison- SEMrush Vs Longtailpro Vs Ubersuggest

  • juice wrld death
  • nicki minaj romantic
  • willow sage heart
  • melissa mccarthy weight loss
  • vampire diaries season 9

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