How To Rank Keyword Without Backlinks?

Backlinks are one of the most influential ranking factors. Gaining a backlink to a website is not always easy. In this article, I will tell you about a simple SEO strategy to rank keyword without backlinks.

What Is The Secret To Rank A Keyword Without Backlinks?

Let me reveal the secret in the very first paragraph. We know that Google ranking depends mainly on three things

  1. The authority of the root domain,
  2. Relevancy,
  3. Power of Backlinks

The authority of the root domain increases with time. It indicated how powerful your site is in terms of referring to web pages and quality content. A relevant article may get a better ranking in the search result if it has quality. A study shows that an in-depth article on long-tail and low competition keyphrase ranks better on Google.

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We have to find out two important things about the competitors

  1. Number of Inbound Links
  2. Authority of the root domain

Combining these two things and some other relevant parameters popular SEO tools like Ahref and SEMrush provide SEO difficulty scores. We need to find out low SEO difficulty longtail keywords.

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Find Inbound Links  And Authority of Your Competitor’s Website

Outbound link affect SEO


Your competitor site may have high authority with zero referring URLs. It will be easier for you to rank your web page on top of those sites with a few quality backlinks. So, find out the inbound links of your competitors’ web page

Use five free inbound link finder to find out competitors backlinks-

  1. Ahref: This site is one of the most popular keyword research tools. You can get 100 backlinks for any web page for free. DR is a rating system by Ahref.
  2. Moz Link Explorer: I guess you know about Moz DA and Moz PA. These are the two most popular SEO metrics. You can get SEO backlink profile Da, Pa, and everything from Moz for free(limited results).
  3. SEO Review Tools: This tool also has a backlink checker. You can check up to 100 links for free. It also shows do-follow links, traffic, and authority of a website.
  4. Majestic Site Explorer: Majestic is known for CF and TF. Citation flow and trust flow, both these things are equally important. It indicates the number of backlinks and their quality.
  5. Ubbersuggest Backlink Checker: This is a tool by Neil Patel. The best thing about Uubbersuggest is it provides more results for free. You just need to log in with Google. They also have their own rating system.

You can giveaway links to other sites as well. It has a positive and negative side. We have tried to answer the question in another article. You can read- Do outbound link affect SEO?

Find Long Tail Keywords With Low Competition

Keyword Discovery

Here the idea of ranking for a keyword without a single backlink. Google, Bing, and Yandex- all the there search engines are working with the idea of ranking without backlinks.

Because there are many people who are trying to manipulate search results. There are many keywords that have a decent amount of searches. But the site ranked for those keywords doesn’t have higher authority.

You need to work with those keywords. I am suggesting a free tool(though the searches are limited in the free version) which can help you with this.

SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool

Using this tool you can research for up to 10 results per day for free. Apart from that, they provide a 7 day trial period which is great.

Put any keyword and in the box, it will show you suggestions. Keyword difficulty below 40 is comparatively easier. If your site has low authority still this keyword can rank on the first page without links.

You also can try Long Tail Pro. This is a great paid tool. But you can use it for free for 7 days by providing details.

Long Tail Pro Free Trial

You will be able to research 800 keywords in a day on their starter plan which is huge. You can read- the fastest way to make money blogging

Use Magic Tool To Find Related Long Tail Keyphrases

Long-tail keywords are keywords comprising 3 or, more words. Search for keyword and explore them, and then see the country-specific monthly search volume and worldwide search volume.

Search volume may be lower for a particular country but this can bring visitors worldwide. Search that term on Google and see who got the first-page ranking. Create better content to rank better than them.

You can get SEO services from Seoclerks

A Comparison Between Three SEO Tools- Ahref, SEMrush, and Moz

Features- 4*
No Free Trial
Free Trial
Free Trial
Ease of Use- Best
Ease of Use-Good
Ease of Use-Average

Summary Of The Concept

You just need to find out a keyword with two qualities-

  • A keyword with a low competition score
  • A long-tail keyword that is not discussed fully on the internet

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After finding these two things, write SEO-optimized content focusing on that keyword. It will surely get a good ranking on Google. It may take a week or, 2/3 months to appear on the first page. If the article covers all the related things it will surely rank well. Because you have no competitors for the exact keyphrase.

Final Thought

You need to know the search volume of the keyword, authority of sites that rank on the first page, and backlink information. After that, you can rank keywords without backlinks.

Combining all these three things SEO tools already make SEO difficulty score. Use those tools and apply personal analysis to find those long-tail keywords.

And write an in-depth article on that topic covering all the related information. I hope it will easily rank on the first page.



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