Bing Keyword Research Tool To Increase Visitors in 2024

Bing keyword research tool is an advanced tool like Google keyword planner. You can use this tool to find out the search volume on the bing search engine. We all know that Google is the number 1 search engine. Bing brings something new. 

Facebook(a social media) and YouTube(video sharing platform) have appeared as one of the most popular search engines. Still, the bing search engine is the default search engine on windows explorer and Microsoft edge.

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You can’t deny the fact that this is a complete search engine which ranks number 2 in the world. And, Yahoo is working together with bing.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Google uses a different tool for Google Ads and webmaster. For bing, you can get the search console and keyword planner together at the same place. I found it really effective from my point of view.

They have changed their old webmaster tool and create an advanced one. You can visit the new bing webmaster tool to enjoy all the features they have. Here is a list of features they provide

  • Search Performance– Click, impression, CTR, position
  • URL inspection– it gives URL to index and crawling status
  • Site Explorer– Backlinks, Index Status, URL, etc.
  • Sitemap– You can submit a sitemap to the index URL of your site
  • URL Submission– There may be some URL which is not indexed automatically, you can submit them from here
  • SEO Tools– Backlinks, Similar Site Comparison, Keyword Research, SEO report, Sites can

Apart from those tools, Enhancement, configuration, security, etc are also available.

Question: Does Bing have a Bing keyword planner?

Answer: Bing has a keyword research tool. It does not call the Bing keyword planner. You can access to Bing SEO keyword research tool from Webmaster.  You can visit the bing webmaster from here. If you did not add your site to a webmaster, don’t forget to add your site. The verification process is similar to the Google webmaster.

Drive Visitors With Bing Keyword Research Tool

Let’s explore the bing keyword research tool to find out search volume and other relevant information. As the competition is lower compared to the Google search engine, you can drive more visitors with less effort in many cases.

It is an SEO tool like SEMrush, Ahref, etc.  In my opinion, it is a complete SEO tool to find a low competitive long-tail keyword. I like the original tool more than any kind of 3rd party tools. I must say it is a wonderful alternative to Google’s keyword planner.

Let’s see the features bing provide for us-

Bing Search Volume

You can select a country, language, timeframe, and device. All the information directly from the bing and result of organic searches, not the paid ones.  Things you will get-

  • The exact number of search impression
  • Advanced filter option

Google keyword planner doesn’t give an idea about devices, but bing does.

Global Breakdown

Select the country as all and search for any keyword. The monthly searches from different countries vary. You can see the monthly breakdown by countries on the right side of the screen. You should choose a specific country for a few reasons

  • The interest of visitors varies with location
  • The local SEO process is much easier than international SEO
  • Targetting a country will not eliminate you from the global presence

To get more visitors to relevant interest you should focus on localized search results.

Related Keywords

Your target keyword may have a low search volume. It also can have a high search volume with high competition. You have to find out a combination of all these things to reach your target audience. Here are a few tips-

  • Related results may show something better that you did not think
  • A short tail keyword may rank better
  • Make a list of relevant keywords and use those on the subheading

A blog post doesn’t rank for a single keyword. It can reach all visitors with similar interests. So, make sure that you are writing a great piece of content for all of them. Try to include relevant search queries.

Question Keywords

Whatever the search engine is- people do searches for answers. So, questions and answers always rank better on searches if it is relevant and to the point. Some tips-

  • Find out relevant and long-tail questions
  • If the answer is short, add the questions-answer section with your article
  • Or, write a long answer

You may notice that many of the Quora answers ranked without backlinks. Because they have questions. Like some of the premium SEO tools, bing also provides similar question keywords.

Newly Discovered Keywords

The search result changes with time. Google trends can be used to discover these keywords. Bing also provides a similar thing with the newly discovered keyword section on keyword search volume. Newly discovered keywords are important because-

  • It may help you to find marketing keywords
  • Find new keywords and write an article for the new amazon(or, other affiliate sites) product
  • Edit old articles and add those relevant keywords naturally

The interest of the people constantly changing with the changes that occur in the world. So, you have to create a new content update for the older one.

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Top 10 URL On First Page Search Result

Bing provides top websites on searches with search volume. They include the article topics on the right side. Both of these things help us to do keyword research more effectively. There are some important things to follow-

  • Top results will give you an idea about the content
  • Something they have, you have to find out
  • You can see their backlink profile and create better content to rank better

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By analyzing, the keywords, related keywords, questions, and top results you can easily make an outline of your content and future plan to rank your article on top of the search result.


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