10 Biggest SEO Mistakes To Avoid In 2022

Tiny changes can make an enormous impact on a large scale. So, don’t do silly SEO mistakes in 2022. Many people think these are good SEO practices. In reality, these things can reduce the productivity and ranking of your site.

In this article, I am going to share some tips based on my experience. I did these mistakes in the past. So, I believe that it will help new bloggers a lot.

Don’t Do Any Of These Mistakes In SEO

Let’s start with the most common SEO mistakes that you should avoid-

1. Obsessed With Keywords

Don’t depend more on keywords. Google keyword planner, Ahref, SEMrush, Longtailpro, Kwfinder, Ubersuggest, and a lot of SEO tools in the market that can help you with keyword research. Before using those tools, you have to understand how to use them.

Most people find out low competition keywords and use them to write a new article. Google is damn smart in 2022. It uses LSI(Latent Semantic Index) keywords and NLP(Natural Language Processing) to understand the content. So, don’t be obsessed with keywords.


  • depending solely on keywords with low competition and long tail
  • using keywords that are not closely related to the niche of the site

Do these things-

  • Make a plan for covering a whole idea that does not exist on the internet(Or, do something better than existing content)
  • Do topic research and content research
  • Use keywords inside the pre-planned article (don’t write articles based on keywords)
  • Try to create a better piece of content

2. Spending More Time To Design A Website

If you are planning to create a website to provide informative content to the readers, you need to create a website that people easily can visit and read the content. Similarly, for a business website, you have to represent the business in front of visitors in a simple manner.

The new bloggers did a mistake in many cases. They want to be the Pablo Picasso of web design. You don’t need to design the site with a great look and enormous functionality. Making a fancy website may reduce speed.


  • spending time to make the design of the  website better
  • try to make the site fancier
  • try to add more features every day on a niche site

Do these things instead-

  • Make the website as simple as possible
  • Try to use a light theme
  • Avoid unnecessary Plugins on WordPress
  • Focus more on creating high-quality content and creating value for the visitors

3. Obsessed With SEO Tools

All the SEO tools are created to help you. At the same time, there is a particular way to use those tools. Never think that an SEO tool will rank your website overnight. It can be helpful if you know the proper use of it.


  • spend so much time on SEO tools to make your site more optimized
  • believe the SEO tools blindly

Do these things instead-

  • Focus on creating more valuable content for your visitors
  • Try to understand how Google ranks a webpage
  • Take more information from Google itself

4. Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is a common mistake that bloggers do. The SEO tools will suggest you use a certain keyword for a certain percentage of the time. Actually, Google does not care about it. For measuring the relevancy keywords prominence is important. Not the way most people use it.


  • using the keyword unnaturally
  • using the keyword too much in an article when it is not needed for readers
  • keep the keyword in some places if it does not necessary

Do these things instead-

  • Make sure the keywords are put naturally
  • Use related keywords and a part of the main keywords instead of an exact match
  • Use it when it is really necessary for the readers to understand the content and context

5. Unnatural Link Building

Google always insists on building links naturally. In recent days, many websites are getting a good rank without building any links at all. Link building can harm you if it is spammy. Any links on the internet are not helpful.


  • building too many links from low-authority spammy websites
  • buying links from freelancing sites
  • spend too much time building links from different types of low-quality sites

Do these things instead-

  • Build authority links from sites with strong EAT(E- Expertise, A- Authorititativeness, T- Trustworthiness)
  • Build relationships with similar businesses and trusted site owners, Youtube channel owners, and influencers
  • Spend more time on creating some awesome content

6. Believe In Fake Authority Of A Site

Google never depends on PA, DA, CF, TF, DR, PR, and a lot of ranking metrics used by popular SEO tools. But natural use of these things can really help you to understand how strong your site is. People also can manipulate those metrics. It will come up with a result of 0. DA- 60, DA-90, DA-0 can be of the same authority site according to Google.


  • building unnecessary spammy links and increasing the authority of the site
  • believing in the authority of competitors sites if they don’t get visitors from it

Do these things instead-

  • Increase your site’s EAT- Expertise,  Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness in Google eye
  • Create content and increase brand mentions and natural links from other sites
  • Bring more visitors in a natural way

7. Creating A Bunch Of Unnecessary Content

Focusing on creating more content can also mislead you to something else. At the end of the day, you have to create something that creates value for the readers. If it does not create value, it is useless.


  • creating content every day if it does not create value
  • uploading a lot of articles that have very low quality
  • write articles on blog posts which is not relevant to the niche

Do these things instead-

  • Take more time to create more value for the readers
  • Produce a valuable article without thinking about the number of words in it
  • Write super relevant content even if the competition is high

8. Try To Make Google Fool

Sometimes, new bloggers think Google works this way or, Google work that way. It ranks keywords of this keyword more. If I can get a bunch of links, I can rank my article. Trust me, it does not work at all. Everyone ends up being a fool if they try to make Google a fool.


  • trying to manipulate search engine results without creating value
  • doing black hat things to get a better ranking on Google

Do these things instead-

  • Focus more on following the suggestion of Google, Bing, Yandex, and other search engines
  • Try to provide content that actually can help your visitors

9. Don’t Care About Website Speed

At least, 61% of visitors from the USA are mobile visitors. Globally the percentage is 68.1%. So, you can’t ignore that large portion of the visitors. A lightweight website has better speed on mobiles. Speed really affects the search result. High-speed sites have a low bounce rate.


  • Avoiding website speed for desktops, tabs, and mobile devices
  • Creating websites that are not friendly to all the sizes of the screen

Do these things instead-

  • Create a mobile-friendly and speedy site
  • Try to optimize images and other contents of a site to increase speed

10. Ignoring Schema Markup

Google rich snippet always increases the CTR(Click Through Rate) a lot. So, try to create a schema for every page you publish. For recipes, videos, biography, and other types, you should use schema. It will help Google to show the specialized result in the search engine.


  • ignoring schema of a recipe, video or, books and other pages
  • using wrong schema markup for a page

Do these things instead-

  • Use schema on as many pages as you can
  • Learn more about it if you don’t know about schema


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