5 Best Tools To Check Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing simply means manipulating search engines to rank a particular irrelevant keyword inside a low-quality article. You will get a lot of keyword density checkers on the internet. We have tried to pick up the top five tools for you.

Q1. Why Keyword Density Checker Instead of Stuffing Checker?

You already know that keyword stuffing means the use of unnecessary keywords again and again. Google, Bing, and other search engines encourage the use of natural words and sentences that can meet the need of the readers.
If you see the density of keywords is higher than the recommended, then there may be stuffing. Your intuition will help you to understand what you need to do.

Five Best Keyword Stuffing Checker

You need to figure out the words that are used out of context. There may cause a demotion in ranking due to stuffing. So, you should be aware of the frequency of keywords. Here are the best tools to check the density-

1. SEOreviewtools

It is an effective tool without any doubt. Tens of thousands of SEO optimizers use this simple tool to find density. Here are some features-

  • Simply eneter a URL in the box and get the frequency fo keywords
  • It will show two word and three word combination
  • The tools has free and paid versions

Visit Website: SEOReviewTools

2. SmallSEOtools

This is similar to the previous one. You can enter text or, URL. It will show you the result. Here are some features-

  • You will get option to inclue meta tag, title and alt tag
  • Get a more through result about keywords
  • The tools will not store or, view your contents. So, you are safe
  • It’s free

Visit Website: Smallseotools

3. Copywritingly Density Checker

Copywritingly is one of the most popular tools on the internet. If you did not use it, you should give it a try. Here are some features-

  • Very easy to use tool
  • Unlike others, it will show you a list of stop words
  • It will give you bigram and trigram
  • A text editor will help you to fix your problems

Visit Website: Copywrightly Density Checker

4. Sureoak Density Checker

Oaktree is a sign of honor, nobility, and wisdom. Sureoak may get the idea from the tree. You can paste an URL or, text on the box and get a result. These are the features-

  • A detail idea about keyword density. If you are new to SEO, it will help you
  • It will show you keywords in percentage format
  • The tool will help you to outperform your competitor

Visit Website: Sureoak Density Checker

5. Visiospark Studffing Checker

The tool will show you some important instructions. And the layout is very attractive. You can put the text or, URL and get the result. Here are some features-

  • You can set the number of words you wan to check
  • The tool offer download option. So, you can check the result later
  • This is the most userfriendly tool. Because, it shows demo screenshots and video, It will help newbies

Visit Website: Visiospark Stuffing Checker

No further description required for these tools. You can visit the tools page and check the density. You just need to put the URL of the page and check the density.

If you really feel that it is more than expected, then you need to visit the page. Therefore, you will be able to decide whether stuffing occurs or, not.

Q2. How To Fix Keyword Stuffing?

The best practice is to avoid it. Don’t try hard to put the keyword inside an article. You can simply create content to cover a topic. If a keyword or, synonym exists inside the article, Google will rank it. So, focus more on the quality of the article.

Q3. Are LSI Keywords Important?

Yes, it is. LSI keywords are extremely important. Most people consider search suggestions by Google as the LSI keywords. It’s partly true. The keywords help Google to understand the topic of the web page.

Q4. Which Tool Is Famous To Extract LSI Keywords?

According to me, it is Google keyword planner and Google search engine itself. You also can use any keyword research tools. It will show you related keywords.

Q5. What is Keyword Stuffing in Amazon?

You can use amazon specific keyword tools to make the description more optimized for Amazon. But keyword stuffing will never help you with the ranking. So, use relevant keywords.