Best Formula of Keyword Density in SEO

In this article, we are going to discuss the formula of keyword density. In search engine optimization keyword density plays a big role. If the density is higher, the possibility of ranking for a particular keyword also goes higher.

Once it was easy for people to optimize their articles using repetitive keywords. But things have changed. You can’t use the same keywords multiple times and expect your article will rank for that.

Popular Formula of Keyword Density

Google doesn’t reveal their secret of ranking criteria so that people can not use it badly(The ideal density is not 0.3%, 3% or, 33%). But, it is a well-known fact that a higher density of a particular keyword doesn’t rank and even indexed in Google and Bing.

It is possible to rank an article even if you don’t optimize the article properly for a keyphrase. Over-optimization can lead you to negative results. Therefore, you can use free Google tools for SEO. Google Keyword Planner is the best tool for keyword research.

Two formulas are popular,

Number 1

The density of keywords should be below 4%. Various types of SEO tools and SEO experts suggest bloggers keep the density below 3%. You probably know that longer articles rank better than shorter one. One of the reasons for that is you can use the keyphrase more in a longer article to keep the density below the expected level.

Number 2

After analyzing the ranking of articles some people suggest that you can use your keyword once in 100 words, for a 1000 word long article. Keep in mind, we sometimes select a keyphrase of 3/4 words. In that case, I am suggested you use it once in 300 or, 400 words.

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Further Suggestion:

Never use the same key phrase again and again to rank their article. Keep in mind, never write anything for the bot but for the real human readers. A few suggestions for you-

  1. Make sure that your article looks natural, don’t impose keywords in it
  2. Try to create attractive and engaging content. Don’t let your readers move before finishing the article
  3. The ideal density depends on articles, pages, phrases, online presence, and a lot more things.
  4. Keep the keyword below 3% as an expert suggests. In some cases, it may rank for a higher density. But that is found as an exception.
  5. Never use repeated key phrases in any article. It may hurt your SEO

Questions and Answers

How is keyword density calculated?

The process to calculate keyword density is very simple. Divide the number of times keyword or, keyphrase is used by the total number of words on the page. If the number of words is 100 and the keyword is used twice. Then density will be 2%.

How do you maintain keyword density?

To be honest, Google encourages you not to care about density at all. Rather you should focus more on creating relevant and useful content. If you write the article by yourself to meet the search intent, you don’t need to maintain the density at all. Otherwise, you can use the tools like Yoast, Rankmath or, All in one SEO tools.

How many keywords is good for SEO?

Some SEO experts suggest targetting 5 keywords per page is the best practice. Sometimes, the article can be ranked for 10, 15, or more keywords. It actually depends on the visitors who visit the page. If they like reading the article or, want to react more, it will be ranked for more keywords.

How many keywords is too many?

Again, I am telling you about suggestions by some SEO experts. Some experts suggest not to use more than 20 keywords for a web page. So, you can consider more than 20 is too much. According to Google, nothing is too less or, too much. If visitors found something helpful, Google will rank the article for more keywords similar to targetted one.


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