Find Inbound Link To A Website Using 5 Free Tools

In this article, I will write about 5 free tools to find an inbound link to a website. Using these inbound link checker tools you will be able to find out the website or, a web page that links back to your site.

And, by using proper backlink analysis you will be able to get an idea about your competitor’s backlinks profile and authority.

These are the five tools we recommend-

Link Miner By Mangools Free Trial:  Apart from those five free inbound links checker, you can check the Mangoools backlink checker below. You can use the trial it without a credit card.

Other SEO tools usually offer a free period. But they want you to connect the credit card. It will give you a list of new links, lost links, citation flow, trust flow, referring domain, and more.

Inbound link checker: These are SEO tools that check the inbound link to a particular web page or, root domain. The inbound link checker and backlink checker are the same.

Find an inbound link to a website using these tools and make a to-do list. It will guide you to decide the quality and quantity of links needed to rank your web page for a particular keyphrase.

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Five Free Tools To Find Inbound Link To  a Website

There are many tools available on the internet. But it is very difficult to find out an effective backlink checker tool which is free. Many people are claiming that their tool is working well and free.

But, the reality denies their claim. I found most popular paid tools are more effective than those ones.  For updated results and competitor analysis, I recommend these five tools with an effective free version-

We all know that Ahref is one of the most popular keyword research tools. Finding an inbound link to a site using Ahref is a great idea. It provides an accurate and updated result with some necessary metrics. Here are some important metrics you can get from it-

  • 100 most influential backlinks for free
  • Backlink URL rating and domain rating
  • Number of referring domain
  • Anchor text and number of traffic
  • Top 5 anchors and top 5 pages according to rating

Visit Ahref Backlink Checker

UR=URL Rating and DR=Domain Rating makes Ahref a great free tool for checking the inbound links to a page. It will make your SEO easier.

This is a great tool by Moz to find an inbound link to a page. You can search for 50 links for free. We all know and use two important SEO metrics- Domain Authority and Page Authority. It is provided by Moz.

Naturally, their rating to a domain has a great value to SEO optimizers. Moz constantly analyzes and research Google search results and share the outcome. Features on Moz link explorer-

  • It shows 50 links for free account
  • I like the Moz metrics spam score. You can see the spam score here
  • The domain authority and page authority of the linking URL
  • Number of linking domain and number of do-follow links
  • Anchor text of the domain

Visit Moz Link Explorer

You can check 10 URLs per day as a free user. I think for a single and small website, this is enough to do research on the backlink profile of your web page and competitors’ web pages.

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This is a good tool to find an inbound link to a website. It provides the most important metrics instead of providing unnecessary things. You can check 100 links for free. Just put the URL in the find out the number of links and details. Features of SEOreviewtools-

  • Total Number of backlinks and page authority
  • Referring Domain and referring IPs
  • URL, Anchor Text, and Da
  • It Shows all the do-follow links. You can switch to no-follow
  • You can view traffics from a particular link

Visit SEO Review Tools

The best thing about SEOreviewtools is it shows traffic from a link. We know in 2020 inbound links have a low impact on SEO. But the impact is huge when we get traffic from it.

This tool will show you the 10 most effective inbound links to your site. But this is more than a simple backlink checker. We, the SEO optimizers usually use majestic metrics TF=Trust Flow and CF=Citation Flow. You need to balance these two things during link building. Majestics will give you an idea about the quality of the inbound link you are getting with time. Features of free Majestics backlink checker-

  • It will show you the CF and TF of a website
  • Number of fresh referring links and domains
  • Number of external links and inbound links
  • Live, Deep links, direct links, etc
  • Redirects, Texts, Images, Frames, and Anchors

Visit Majestic Free Backlink Checker Tool

It will not show you a list of backlinks but some anchor texts. I use this tool regularly. It really helps a lot to get an idea about the average link quality of a site. In 2020, the flow of quality links is more important than the number of links. and majestic provide this information in a great way.

You can analyze the backlink strength of your website and the website of your competitors using this free tool. It actually the Ubbersuggest backlink checker on the website of Nei Patel.

I like this tool very much. You have to sign in with Google to reveal more links and more features. Don’t worry, no need to spend a single penny. The features of this tool-

  • Advance Filter Option
  • Do follow and No-follow Are Separated
  • You can See One link per Domain
  • I like the export to CSV option. You can download see the list later
  • It shows domain score, page score, and link type

Visit Ubbersuggest Backlink Checker

To be very honest Ubbersuggest can not show as much result as Ahref. But, you can use it to get an idea about the most effective inbound links. We also have questions about outbound links. Do outbound link pass link juice?

Final Thought:  You can reveal more features from all the five tools I mentioned above. They all provide a free version which is better than other free tools according to my understanding. You can check the wiki backlink list to get backlinks from wiki websites.

If you find an inbound link checker that is better than those 5 checkers, please comment below. I really need to know about them to check inbound links to my website.



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