Majestic SEO Vs SEMRush [2024 Update]

Majestic SEO and SEMRush are the two most popular SEO tools. They have different metrics and tools to measure the quality of a website. Both tools show the possibility of getting a higher rank for a web page on Google.

This is a comparison article. We have read reviews from trusted review sites and use the features of both tools. Take help from g2, trustpilot and trustradious.

After analyzing the services and features of both sites, we are going to show you a table. A table on Majestic SEO Vs SEMrush.

Criteria Majestic SEMRush
Keyword ResearchNo Exact FunctionHighly Effective
Lowest Price$78.99$119.95
Free VersionAvailableAvailable
Highest Price$399.99$449.95
Ease Of UseVery Easy To UseNot Very Easy
Customer SupportGoodVery Good
Business UseEffectiveMore Effective
Meet RequirementsSatisfactoryExtremely Good
Technical SEONo Exact MatchVery Effective
Link BuildingExtremely GoodSatisfactory
Content InsightsNo Exact MatchExtremely Helpful
Competitors ReportGreat For AnalysisVery Effective
For Small BusinessVery EffectiveVery Effective
Medium BusinessEffectiveMore Effective
Big EnterpriseLess EffectiveLess Effective
Authority ScoreTF can be UsedMore Effective
Link FlowCF & TF- are bestNo Exact Match
User Rating4.3 star4.5 star
A table of Comparison SEMRush Vs Majestic

Our Pick:

Traffic Analysts Tool

At some points, Majestic is way ahead of SEMrush. But the overall performance of SEMRush is obviously better than Majestic.

For link building and link flow analysis, Majestic is the best in the market(you can read- does SEMrush shows CF and TF). In addition, it is easier to use. Otherwise, SEMRush wins at all points.

SEMRush has a great keyword research tool. Several ways to analyze the performance of the competitors and all the essential tools to outperform them. SEMrush offers over 40 tools which are great.

Offers & Trials

You can use a free trial of SEMrush from the link below. You can cancel the free trial anytime you want. Also, as a webmaster, you can join the affiliate program of SEMrush-

(Majestic offers no full access to a premium plan for free. But they also offer a limited version)

Questions & Answers

What is Trust flow In Majestic SEO?

Google loves naturally created backlinks. So, majestic introduce a tool to measure trustworthiness. Trust flow in majestic SEO indicates the overall trustworthiness of the backlink profile of a website.

What is Citation flow In Majestic SEO?

It indicates the power of backlinks for a website. So, it is not exactly the authority of a website. But it is a very effective metrics to measure the strength of existing backlinks. You also can read- Find Inbound Link To A Website Using 5 Free Tools

Is Semrush a Russian company?

The founder of SEMrush is Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitri Melnikov. It was actually founded in 2008 in Russia. So, yes, it is a Russian company. If you visit the Wikipedia page of SEMrush, you will get the details.

Why is semrush so expensive?

If you compare with other similar tools like Ahref, Moz, and Alexa(See- Ubersuggest Vs SEMRush Vs LongTailPro)- it is not so high. They offer over 40 tools. And they analyze a huge amount of data. They actually spend money to give the most accurate result. Naturally, it is not the cheapest tool in the market.

How does semrush calculate traffic?

SEMRush calculates daily traffic by considering the CTR and monthly search volume. So, position tracking by SEMRush is the most accurate. They calculate monthly search volume using a national database. It is different for different countries.

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