Ubersuggest Vs SEMRush Vs LongTailPro

Ubersuggest, SEMRush, and LongTailPro are three popular paid tools for search engine optimization. In this article, we will try to find out their strength and weakness. I will analyze from my perspective based on my own research. It will help you to make a decision.

A Table for Ubersuggest Vs SEMRush VS LongTailPro Comparison

Free Versionfull-featured free version(limited)some Effective free toolsnothing is free
Lowest Price$12$119.95$37
Highest Price$400(Lifetime)$449(per month)$147(per month)
Keyword Research ToolEasy to useMost EffectiveBest For Categorized research
Rank Tracking FeaturesFree & paidPaidPaid
Inbound and Outbound Link CheckerAvailableEffectiveBest for keywords
Ease of UseAnyone can useNewbies found it difficultEasy to use
Content AnalysisAvailableEffectiveFocus more on keywords and competitors
Reports Per Day900 100006000
A Table To Overlook Everything

How To Get Longtailpro Lifetime Deal?

Answer: There is no lifetime unlimited deal for LongTailPro. But you can get limited features from some of the blogs and websites. It allows 10000 reports for $47 without any expiry date. We think the monthly deal is a better choice.

Because you can get a monthly starter plan for $25.90 from this link. The 30% off is applicable for any other plans as well. It will allow you 800 reports per day which is more than enough for a single blogger. (800*30)=24,000 reports per month. So, it will be better than a lifetime deal as I think.

Why Should I Use Ubersuggest ?

Answer: Every SEO tools have some pros and cons. The best thing about Ubersuggest is it’s free. You can enjoy the full feature without paying a single penny. But the number of reports is very limited- you probably can get free reports 3 times a day. Learn- how to earn $500 per month blogging?

Apart from that, there are some of the benefits of using Ubersuggest(some of the features are exceptional)-

  1. You can use it at the lowest cost of $12 per month
  2. The lifetime deal for a single user is $120. And it is enough for 3 projects
  3. Very Easy to Use. Anyone can use it
  4. Country-Specific Result for Keywords
  5. Questions and Preposition Suggestion
  6. It shows organic and paid keyword difficulty. So, you can beat your competitors in two ways

Most importantly, it is an effective tool. Ubersuggest use domain score and URL score like all other SEO tools. You can get an idea about social shares and the backlinks of a URL. So, competitor analysis is easy. I love the rank tracking feature as well.

Why Should I Use SEMRush ?

Answer: Most of the users are satisfied using SEMRush. It is complete and probably the most effective tool among similar tools. Here are some of the essential features of SEMRush-

  • You can get country-specific and Worldwide results for keywords
  • It uses search results from Google, Bing and other search engines. So, you can increase your audience
  • SEMRush offer 63 different tools for SEO which is huge
  • They claimed that SEMRush is #1 position tracking tool for its amazing 13 features
  • It offers content marketing, social media analysis and detailed competitor analysis

You may think SEMRush is hard to use for lots of tools. After a few days, most of the people found it the most effective one. We are not sharing any pro promo codes now. But you can try SEMRush for free. The features are limited. But it will allow you to enjoy some important features every day.

What Is The Benefit Of Using LongtailPro?

Answer: As a blogger, you already know that longtail keywords rank better on search engines. Because the competition for long-tail keywords is lower. But it is really hard to find a profitable long-tail keyword that can rank easily.

LongTailPro is a tool to provide us the important feature. You can use LongTailPro for several reasons-

  1. You can get a combination of 3 things- CPC and search volume with long-tail keywords on a specific niche
  2. The price is lower compared to others
  3. Most effective for finding profitable long-tail keywords
  4. Anyone can get the benefit from it. No expertise required
  5. You can do domain research based on keywords

There is nothing complex in LongTailPro. You don’t have to do an analysis on pricing and plans. Keyword tools and link checker tools. Everything is simple and clear. So, you can select this tool if you want everything simple and profitable.

Free Alternative To LongTailPro and SEMRush

We have discussed three popular tools. The most important things you can get from SEO tools are-

  1. Keyword Analysis
  2. Competitor Analysis
  3. Content and Backlink Ideas

If you have basic knowledge of SEO, you can easily do research on your competitors without using a paid tool. You can use free Google tools for keyword analysis and competitor analysis.

Another option is Bing keyword tools. The new Bing tools will allow you to enjoy the pro features of famous SEO tools for free. By using the tools you can bring more visitors from the Bing search engine. Don’t forget the fact that it is still the default search engine on Microsoft devices.

Get Backlink Ideas For Free: We have discussed some free features of SEMRush. And the Ubbersuggest allows full features for free. You can use these two tools to get backlink ideas.

You can read our article about 5 free Inbound link checker. You can use these free tools to get an idea about inbound links to your website. And the backlink profile of your competitors.

Therefore, you will be able to do a proper competitor analysis. A perfect plan will give you success in blogging. No matter which tool you are using. But you need to know the basic things.

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