Impact Of Infographic on SEO

Infographic is not a direct ranking factor. It is a visual representation of information using attractive and relevant images and texts. People have the tendency to share and get engaged with these attractive images.

You may notice an important thing on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Users have a tendency to like and engaged more with photos than texts. Several things happened-

  • It reduces the bounce rate. People have the tendency to visit for a longer time. Because infographics are attractive and helpful.
  • It increases blog traffic. Posts with infographics get more shares on social media. Sometimes it goes viral.
  • You can share infographics on Reddit, Pinterest, and other image-sharing sites. It can help you to get backlinks

Keep in mind, well-researched and good-quality infographics help bloggers a lot. Take your time and create something of higher quality. It will surely increase your web page ranking on Google and other search engines.

Questions & Answers

How can infographics be used to rank?

One of the most important ranking factors is view duration. If your web page has relevant and helpful infographics people will visit for a longer period of time. Therefore, you will see a natural boost in ranking very soon. Two things to remember- it should be relevant, it should be helpful.

Why are infographics so effective?

Because people like to see images. At the same time, the visitors came to visit the article to gain necessary information. Infographics provide both things together. So, they found it more effective.

Which is a reason to use an infographic instead of all writing?

The human mind gets attracted to images more than text. Infographic contains images with written information. So, it is helpful and attractive at the same time. Whatever the way it, you have to keep the visitors for a longer period of time. Infographics can do it better than written text in most cases.