Keyword Prominence

It simply means the popularity of keywords of your website. Title, Meta, H1, H2, H3, H4  are key components of the web page. The number of times the keyword is found on those components indicates how prominent that particular keyword or, keyphrase is.

Google and Bing tend to show prominent keywords in the top search result. If you use SEO tools, it will suggest you maintain the keyword prominence.

You can use SEO writing tools to implement it perfectly.

For SEO purposes you have to focus on a few things-

1. Synchronization between Keyword Prominence and Density: Prominent keywords will not rank higher if you forget about keyword density. It is suggested that you can use a keyphrase once in 200 words. 4% of the whole article is considered better. Try to keep the density of the keyword 1/2%.

2. Use of Synonymous Keyphrase in SEO:  It is a wonderful practice to use the synonym of the keyphrase. People use different search terms for the exact same result. I refer to those terms as synonyms, not the literal meaning.

3. Longer Articles Rank Better:  If you keep the keyword density between 1% to 2%, you can use it more on longer articles. Write a 2000 words article and use the keyphrase 10 times or, less. The possibility is higher than the article will rank better for that keyword.

Questions & Answers

How do you test prominence in SEO?

All the SEO tools on WordPress show how many times a keyword is used in an article. Or, you can check it yourself by searching the keywords. Press ctrl+F, it will open a search box. Then you can check it.

Can images be spidered by search engines?

No, google bot can not read images. The google spider or, crawler only crawls the texts and HTML codes. It can read the image title, description, and alt tag. Therefore, google categorize the image and shows on search result.

How does prominence affect SEO?

The prominence works better for single keyword or, short-tail keywords. If you want to rank your website for a single word search term, you should use the word more on new articles. For example, if you use the word- “SEO”  hundreds or, thousands time or, more inside more than 100 articles in a single website. There is a possibility that one of those articles will get a good rank.

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