Use Google Trends For SEO

Google trends is very helpful for SEO purposes. You can find out which keyword is gaining more popularity in recent days and which search term is losing its trending status.  Google trends is one of the most effective free Google tools for SEO.

For a niche-specific analysis of the reader interest, there is no alternative to Google trends. You can follow a few steps to find out the best keyphrase to make a keyword list for your blog using Google trends-

  • Search any topic related to your blog niche on Google Trends
  • If the spike goes down in recent days, exclude the word from the list
  • Expand the timeframe to 2/3 years and see which are popular over the years. Exclude seasonal keyphrases and include evergreen keywords
  • Include the long tail related keywords in the list
  • Find out the breakout keywords and include them in the list
  • Analyze Local Search Trends and include them on your list

Visit Google Trends

For further analysis, you can search them on google and visit all the sites on the first page. And find out the keyword that is easy for you to rank by analyzing those contents.

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