Google Analytics For SEO

You can use Google Analytics for SEO purposes. This tool can give you a complete idea about the quality of your content and the necessary changes in on-page SEO. It is one of my favorite free Google tools for SEO.  The tool will show you all the important analytics of your site. It shows-

  • The number of visits per day, week, month or, any time frame
  • Bounce Rate. It indicates how many people just see your site and left among the visitors from different sources.
  • It shows CTR over time like Google search console.
  • Google analytics gives visitor info like Devices, countries, interests, age, referring site, etc.

Don’t look over the data without a purpose. Visit analytics and analyze the date and make a list of things you need to do to improve ranking. Most of the bloggers just look at it obsessively and do nothing after that(Me too sometimes). Do a few things, it won’t take much time-

  1. See the bounce rate. If it’s higher like more than 65%(it varies), you need to improve your web page. It may load slower or, the content is not relevant or, anything wrong happened.
  2. A well-ranked web page may not work well in recent days. You need to update that content. Your competitors may have something better. Make your web page better than that
  3. Analyze the automatic organic traffic spikes and dips. It will help you to improve your web page SEO.

Visit Google Analytics

You can use google analytics regular expression(regex)  to set up goals, audience, content grouping, custom segments, and more. Read more about- Google analytics regular expression. Make sure than you are not focusing on the less important parts of analytics but the most important one.

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