Google Mobile-friendly Test- Evaluate 68.1% Visitors

Google mobile-friendly test is essential if you want to generate more revenue from the visitors of your website.  Because the number of mobile internet users is increasing rapidly. We will show you some of the best tools to check the mobile friendliness of a site.

According to research in 2020, 31.9% of visitors were from desktops and 68.1% of visitors were from mobile devices. So, the number of mobile visitors is significantly higher. You can not ignore those visitors.

In addition, most of the visitors want to visit the website that loads very fast. 2% of visitors left the page if the page load speed increase by 1 second. So, the lower the loading time, the better the conversion from the visitors you can expect. Recently Google launched Google pagespeed Insights Tool

Benefits Of Mobile-friendly Test

In 2020 no one can think of a successful blog without mobile friendliness. A mobile-friendly website has some SEO benefits-

  • It brings more mobile traffic
  • Help to keep bounce rate lower
  • A wider audience naturally brings more business success
  • Higher the conversion rate due to the added active visitors

Google Mobile-friendly Test

Visit Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

Google tool for mobile-friendliness will show you how the visitors will use your page on mobile devices. The tool will show errors to fix. You can place any URL or, code to check it.

Two More Tools You Must Use Together-

To get more statistics about your webpage speed, you can use the other testing tools along with Google. It will bring more SEO benefits for you for sure-

The first one is the Bing tool. You know Bing search engine is the most popular competitor of Google’s search engine. Since it is the default search engine of Microsoft windows, it is still relevant. Many people still use the search engine and bing keyword research tool. Recently they bring some updates. So, it is better to check this tool as well.

Sometimes, we need to check 10, 20, 50 or, more URLs at the same time. The second one is also a good tool to check mobile-friendliness in bulk. I think these three tools will give you enough data to increase visitors, conversion and search presence.

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