Use Google Search Console For SEO Purpose

If you can use the search console properly, you will be able to find out the best keywords for your website to rank for. The search console shows a few things-

  • Number of appearances for a search term
  • Average Position of your web page
  • Number Visits from searches
  • CTR=Click Through Rate
  • Comparison Between Past and Present Search Results

Visit Google Webmaster Search Console

Find Keywords That Must Work For You: Your web page may appear for search terms that you did not include in your articles. Go to the search console and see the search appearance.  By analyzing the number of search appearances of such unexpected terms(you did not write about it) you can decide what to do next. You can do three things-

  1. If the search term is related to your article and not on a broad topic. Edit the article and include content for those queries
  2. For a broader topic, you can write a new article based on that term. It will rank easily in your site as it appeared in searches without effort.
  3. By analyzing the search console result Low CTR can be improved by changing the title and meta description of the article

Google search console is a great SEO tool. You have to change the existing article and create new content according to readers’ expectations. And search console only can give you the best idea. 

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