Rich Result Test By Google For SEO

Check and use structured data markup according to the suggestion by Google Tool. In WordPress SEO tool like Yoast, Rankmath and other plugins automatically make this kind of things ready for your web page. You don’t need to do much.

The rich result test tool is a free SEO tool by Google. It will help you to check whether your site is ready for the rich results or, not. The rich result can-

  • Increase the CTR 
  • Increase the SERP position if people like the content of the site
  • Structured data is used for rich results. The rich result can also be shown without structured data(special case)

Google Rich Result Test Tool

Generally, a few weeks needed for the rich result to appear in searches. It may not appear for some search terms. But you can check whether your web page is ready for it or, not.

This video is from the Google webmaster’s official YouTube channel. It explains more about Google’s rich results. Google’s rich result testing and making the website suitable for rich results can increase the CTR of your site. 

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